About the Band

TRIAL of DEATH is a death metal band from Siegen (Germany). Formed in 2016, the band consists of the five musicians Jack Bone (vocals), Efox (lead guitar), Pete (drums), Czebo (guitar) and David (bass) and quickly made a name for themselves as a support act for scene greats such as Disbelief, Illisposed, Humiliation, Torture Killer, Fleshcrawl, Revel in Flesh and more, gaining their own fanbase in the death metal underground.

With the EP "Excorcismn of the Goatman", TRIAL of DEATH released their first 4-track digipack in 2018, which featured two studio and two live songs, presenting the musical output of the five South Westphalians on a silver disc for the first time.

About the Music

The band's style contains numerous, cleverly combined elements from many sub-genres of extreme metal. Although the band's work is best classified as death metal, there are also elements of black metal, thrash metal, Rock Music and a large portion of groove.

TRIAL of DEATH's lyrics are about the depravity of the human condition with all its unpleasant and repulsive facets. Albeit often presented with a wink.


Live On Stage

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